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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rachelle's Shoyu Chicken

There are many, many shoyu chicken recipes out there. I have been experimenting with some lately, and I think I have got the right combination of soy sauce, sugar, garlic and ginger (according to my palate) Not saying that there are not better ones out there, I just like this one the best for me.
I recently went to a church function the other night, and Shoyu Chicken was the main dish. I get a little apprehensive about Hawaiian food, but this was really good and I went back for seconds. Shoyu is just a fancy, Japanese way of saying soy sauce. This is a very popular dish here in Hawaii, and I'm glad I finally have a staple Hawaiian thing to cook for the guests that come visit me. (Note to guests: you will be eating this when you come to visit). The key is definitely chicken thighs, and I love that you can buy them in a big bag at Costco boneless, skinless. The extra fat content helps make the meat tender, flavorful and moist.
I love serving this with sticky rice and a side salad with homemade ranch on it. Super yummy flavor combination. The leftovers are just as good.

Rachelle's Shoyu Chicken

2 1/4 C soy sauce (Aloha Brand is the best)
3/4 C Water
3/4 Brown sugar
3 Garlic clove, minced
1/2 tbs ginger, minced (you could use ground ginger, use 3/4 tsp)
4-5 lbs skinless boneless Chicken thighs (about 8-9 thighs)

In a large pot, combine first 5 ingredients. Add chicken and cook for 30-40 minutes, or until tender. Serve w/ sticky rice.

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