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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thai Peanut Sauce

This is not a recipe post, but a "suggestion" post. I have been obsessed with this product that I got from my Costco in Carlsbad, California. Not all Costco's have it, but I think you can get it online, or maybe you will be lucky and it will be at your grocery store or your very own Costco. This is what it looks like:
This sauce/dressing is good on EVERYTHING! I love grilling chicken, and putting the sauce over the chicken on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes. There are some recipes that I want to try on the Rikki Rikki website. Here is the link (they also show you where they sell their products). I want to try their other sauces, since I was so pleased with this one. Hope you can find it!


Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming about this sauce since I left...its my one regret leaving the misty beaches of socal behind...that I didn't buy this from your costco when we were there!

Anonymous said...

That sauce is so so so so good!!!!!! Go buy it everyone. It makes everything tastes so so good! Now I have got to find it. jwells

Jenny Ricks said...

They have a ginger-soy dressing I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I bought it at Costco too. It tastes like the salad dressing from Benihana. I am excited to try this one now!